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How to Fit Your Dog Harness

A properly fitting harness could prevent your dog from slipping from it and disappearing down the street. With a properly fitting harness, you can easily walk your dog without any incident. You should learn how to measure your dog for a harness.

A harness is better than a collar is your dog is a puller or one who tries to escape, or if you are into training. If you put a collar on a puller dog, then he is likely to choke himself. Pulling pressures the throat and can be a cause of breathing problems. For dogs that pull, putting a harness if much safer and more comfortable because the pressure is on the larger, less sensitive area of the chest.

Measurements should be taken before buying a harness for your dog. If you measure your dog’s weight, it can help determine the harness that will be strong enough for them to wear. A poor quality harness can break if an overweight dog pulls hard on it. Choose a harness that has been tested to pull heavyweights, that will never break or fray no matter how hard your dog pulls.

Measure the largest part of your dog’s chest with a tape measure. Take the tape measure to the bottom of the rib cage, the over the back, and back to where you started. Your dog’s neck size should be measured next. Wrap the tape measure around the thickest part of your dog’s neck to get is measurement. You can find the right harness for your dog by checking out the sizing chart of the store you are buying your harness in. If the size of your dog is in between two sizes, then it is ideal to choose the next size up.

Dog harnesses come in different styles. There will be a different style and fit for each type of harness. You should choose a snugly fitting harness but not one that is too tight. In order for your dog not to be able to back out of the harness, make sure that it is tight enough. And the ring that you clip the leash to should sit higher in their chest. You should be able to fit two fingers between the harness and your dog.

A sign that a harness does not fit is when your dog will resist to talk or put up a fight when you are trying to put it on.

If your dog harness does not fit, it can cause discomfort and pose safety issues for your dog since he can easily break free, and it can also cause medical problems. A harness that is too tight or too small can restrict the movement of your dog. An ill-fitting harness can cause stress on the joints and the bones if the muscles are not used correctly.

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