Practical and Helpful Tips:

Know More About Breast Ultrasound

The process of using an ultrasound scan used to examine breast tissues is known as a breast ultrasound. You may sometimes feel a lump in your breast when you are doing a self-examination. When you go to a doctor he/she may decide that you should get a breast ultrasound. The reason for this is so that the doctor can know whether the lump is a cyst, non-cancerous or cancerous. Breast ultrasound can also be used to check infections that are caused when breast feeding. In case you have abnormal implants you can also be asked to get a breast ultrasound. Reading more to know about breast ultrasound.

The first thing you need to know about is breast lumps. Infections cause breast lumps. A cyst also causes breast lumps. Cancer can also be a cause of breast lumps. Benign lumps and cancerous lumps are the two types of lumps. It is therefore essential to get a breast ultrasound for you to know if the lump in your breast will cause risk.

It is important for you to know where ultrasound is done. The breast ultrasound helps you to know what is happening inside your breast, When you go to the hospital to get a breast ultrasound, it is mainly done in the radiology unit. This is because in the radiology unit there is the equipment required to perform the breast ultrasound.

You need to prepare yourself before you go for a breast ultrasound session. Knowing more about your family history is essential in case the doctor asks. The doctor may inquire this so that he/she can know if the problem you are facing may be hereditary. You should ask if it is a male or a female who is doing the test on you before you go for the breast ultrasound. In case the doctor that is performing the test on you is from the opposite gender and you are not comfortable you can contact the hospital department and request for a change. You also need to wear appropriate clothes so that it can be easy for you to get the breast ultrasound done. Avoid things like jewelry and oil to prevent interfering with the results.

Lastly, knowing what happens on the day of the breast ultrasound is important. The breast ultrasound is done for fifteen to thirty minutes. You have to take off your upper clothes so that the breast ultrasound can be done. At times you may need to lift your arm for better breast ultrasound results. When the breast ultrasound is being performed the whole breast is examined and especially where the lump is. Breast ultrasound examination does not have any side effects.