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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Double Glazed Windows Installation

When renovating the windows of your property, it is advisable to look for available double glazed windows to help improve your property’s aesthetics. For certain, it is much more expensive to install double glazed windows than to install single-paned windows. However, in the long run, the initial expensive cost you spent on double glazed windows will result in future savings particularly in energy costs.

In this article are the main pros and cons of having double glazed windows installed on your property.

Energy Costs Savings – One of the main benefits of having double glazed windows is their ability to make an airtight construction which prevents the flow of incoming and outgoing heat. Because double glazed windows create an airtight construction, it results to much lower gas and electricity bills since the energy necessary to heat up a living space will be much lesser. If you want to increase the insulation of your windows, you can add up to third or fourth layer. Every pane of glass added helps in improving the window’s ability of holding heat.

Another benefit of double glazed windows is their ability to increase sound insulation by making a think boundary between the inside of the property and the outside; this is especially advantageous for properties located in noisy areas or those situated on the main road. Aside from that, safety is also another benefit of this type of window because it is harder to break a double glazed window than a single-paned window.

Limits the Build up of Condensation – When humid air interacts with a surface having lower temperature, condensation happens which results in forming droplets of water. It is usually required to turn the heating up to reverse the effects of condensation which is making a room much cooler than it needs to be. However, you do not have to deal with a problem like this if you have double glazed windows because they prevent the build up of condensation.

Limit Damage to Furniture – Double glazed windows can help reduce the amount of sunlight that can enter inside your property, therefore the likeliness that damages brought by the sunlight on your furniture, carpet, wall paintings, and the like items on your home, will be reduced.

Below are the disadvantages of double glazed windows.

Non-repairable – Moisture or air will commence to build up if the spaces between the windows failed to be airtight, which is difficult to fix and will also obscure the window. It is not possible to remove the windows to be repaired once they are sealed together. In severe situations, the windows might need to be replaced.

Traps Heat – One of the advantages mentioned earlier is that double glazed windows are energy sufficient since they trap heat inside however, this cannot be said especially during summer. When heat is trapped inside your property during the year’s warmer months, it becomes uncomfortable and stuffy. Using a window tint is the solution for this, however this will require you extra costs.

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